Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm on a roll!

Following my productive day on Tuesday, the creativity has continued to flow! Above are some pictures of the jewellery I made last night. This lot is all for myself, not for sale. The dragon is a set of lampwork beads, and was made by a friend of mine. I've had them for some time, but hadn't been brave enough to use them yet! I finally decided that they were wasted hidden at the bottom of my bead box, so bit the bullet and this was the result. I've used a memory wire choker, onto which I threaded the beads - the dragon and 6 complementary red glass beads. I then wound silver cord aroun the memory wire and through the pendant, then the same with some narrow red ribbon. The red ribbon only extends about half way around the pendant, where I've tied it off - leaving a tiny 'end' to give a bit of contrasting texture. The earrings were made using lampworked beads made by the same friend. The beads speak for themselves, so I simply added a tiny seed bead top and bottom. I think I can safely say that the result is a funky collection, and not one I'll see anyone else wearing!

The other necklace uses some handmade ceramic beads, coated with copper and polished. They were made in Greece and are incredibly heavy! These beads are truly amazing - not only to look at, but to feel as well. I love the combination of green and copper, and found the two round green glass beads at the bottom of a box - threaded them onto some green, silky cord, and hey presto! another striking necklace - I think it's going to look fab with all the gorgeous, vibrant colours that are around at the moment.

The final piece is a handbag charm - I simply picked out some glass beads and metal charms in complementary shades of orange, added a few seed beeds, some head pins and jump rings, and finally a lobster-claw clasp for security - and there you go! A rather gorgeous handbag charm!

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snipper said...

Love these pieces, the dragon and ribbon is most unusual, the copper beads striking and the handbag charm just charming. Fab work.