Sunday, July 16, 2006

Time to play catch up!

No photos today, I'm afraid - just some of my ramblings! It has been a seriously busy week! Having spent last weekend with my mum, just chilling, being looked after and watching huge amounts of tennis, I felt really rested - so what did I do? I used my 'spare' energy to start de-cluttering the house! I thought a good place to start would be with the paperwork that has accumulated. I spent the entire day on monday sorting, shredding and burning paper - no way anyone is going to steal my identity!! (They would likely regret it if they did!!) Would you believe, I found bank statements going back to 1993! I hadn't realised how much bank statements have changed over the years - an odd trip down memory lane, but strangely enjoyable. I rediscovered things like my children's school reports, drawings etc, as well as letters and cards from friends I've not seen in many years - I also found the order of service for my Uncle Franco's memorial service last July. He died in Italy from a particularly virulent cancer - the funeral was held on Sicily, but a memorial service was held in the village in Wiltshire where he and my aunt had settled. He was a hugely popular figure in the village, and the church was jam packed on the day of the service. My aunt asked me to do a reading, which I did - but only just managed to get through without disgracing myself, anyway, as I was saying, I found the order of service along with a photo of my uncle - bought more than a few tears to my eyes, needless to say, that has been filed away safely - some things you just don't get rid of, do you? Monday evening was spent delivering furniture to my daughter at her flat - yet more clutter de-cluttered...

Tuesday, I decided to clean the house from top to bottom - I just couldn't stand the muddles any more! By the time the children finished school, the house was immaculate and we had a new and efficient filing system. Strange how having things organised makes you feel better, isn't it? The human mind is indeed a strange and wonderful thing.

Wednesday was spent filling the cupboards and the freezer - strangely enough, my family insist on being fed at least 3 times a day, every day!!

Thursday and Friday were spent recovering from all the activity at the beginning of the week!!!

Yesterday, Saturday, we took a trip to Fishguard for a scrapbooking demonstration - I had a brilliant time, met some lovely people and had a good giggle as well - not a bad way to spend a morning. It's so great to be able to spend time with people who share your passions. I've not yet met any crafters who stick rigidly to one particular craft - many of the ones I've met do lots of cross-over crafts. I was so inspired by the mornings demo, that I completed 3 8x8 pages when I got home - I have to admit to being seriously pleased with the end results. Although I didn't really learn any new techniques etc at the demo, it did give me the confidence to just get on and do it! It's odd how daunting a blank piece of paper can be...I really must stop buying stash, though, and start using what I have. Every time I sort out my craft stuff, I find stuff I'd forgotten I had - some of which I know I'm never going to use, so I'm going to have to decide whether to sell it, or to swap it for stuff I will use, my particular passions at the moment being chipboard embellishments and ribbons - you would not believe the range of ribbons and fibres that are available - they are, though, highly addictive. I know for a fact that I'm not the only person in the world to sit and stroke my stash of ribbons and fibres - strange people us crafters!

Well, I did warn you that this was going to be a ramble, but I think enough is enough! I have been crafting, just haven't taken pics of the results yet, but will do so over the next few days and will share them with you.

Bye for now. xxx

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