Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love is in the air!

Lots of romantic happenings at the moment - my friend Anna got married yesterday in Plymouth. Apparently it was a fabulous day, everything went to plan, the weather was fab and Anna looked amazing! Lots of love and best wishes to Anna, Phil and the children.
Still on the wedding theme, it appears that another friend is planning to get married in late august/early september - I'm already planning my outfit!
Had a call from a UKS friend this morning - we've only chatted online up til now, but this morning we spoke on the phone - for at least an hour, and we could easily have kept on going...
And, I had a call from the car dealership - everything seems to be on course for me to collect my brand new car on tuesday. This is just sooo exciting, we've never had a new car before and never thought we would. How wonderful was it to be able to choose the colour of my car, instead of having to take what was there. We finally decided on a very grown-up black pearl (they don't do it in pink!). If you are in South Wales and are in the market for a new car, you could do worse than Evans Halshaw, Phoenix Way, Swansea Enterprise Park - we've been dealing with Jenny Price - what a lovely lady, nothing is too much trouble, and she has a wicked sense of humour, too...
We're taking Maddi for her first ever eye-test tomorrow, she's really excited about it, but I'm hoping that she isn't going to need glasses. We'll also be picking up Loaghans new pair. Very cool, kids glasses these days are very funky - not the horrible nhs things I remember from when I was a kid!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Some cards and ATC's

Look what we got today...

Well, you can imagine how delighted we all were when it started to snow this morning! We had a call from the school at about 9:30 to say that the school was closing because of snow. I thought they were joking, because at the time all we had were a few very light snow showers, apparently it had been snowing really hard in Carmarthen, which is where our teacher lives (yes, we do only have 1 teacher!) By lunchtime, we had 4 inches of snow and there was no way any vehicles were getting out of the village, unless they happened to be tractors! The children spent the entire day playing out in the snow, and even I ventured out for a while to get some piccies.

I've also managed some ATC's and some greetings cards, so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, but as I haven't managed to get my head round organising photos on here, I'll put them in a separate post...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's snow not fair!!

Okay, first an apology for the terrible pun.
We're all feeling a bit put out as, although we had a little snow last night, it had practically all gone by the time the children got up for school and all we have now is rain! The kids are less than impressed as their school remained open, while over 700 other schools in Wales were closed because of heavy snow. Ah well, there's always tonight....
On a brighter note, I received a new embossing board in the post today and have spent some time playing with it. It's very easy to use and really does give stunning results - so far I've made a dress, 2 romper suits, a handbag and a briefcase - all I need to do now is to embellish them.
Now, I'm not normally a stressy person, but I ended up having a run-in with a seller on ebay - I was considering buying from her and sent an email with a couple of questions as her listing wasn't exactly clear, what I got in return was a very rude and defensive email - it makes me really cross, because most of the people who deal on ebay are honest and helpful, but people like her really do give it a bad name. Needless to say, I shan't be ordering!
Right, I'm off now to embellish some cards...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How time flies!!

I can't believe that the last time I updated was October 16th! So much has happened in the last few months that crafting really has had to take a back seat. My eldest daughter finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on December 22nd, following multiple admissions to various hospitals throughout West Wales - I had never realised there were so many hospitals in the area!! She and our gorgeous grandson are both doing well.

My cousin discovered that she was pregnant, and is expecting her baby, a girl, in June. She, along with my favourite aunt, have moved back to South Africa. The family lived there for many years and only returned to the UK about 6 years ago. They will both be seriously missed.
Our eldest son has been diagnosed with CFS and is now on a regime of physiotherapy etc in an attempt to improve his health. We're not having much joy with the LEA, though, so I think they are next on the list to be hassled until they start to do something...

Although things have been somewhat frantic, I have managed a few bits and pieces. The necklace is one I made for a friend who's getting married next wednesday, 14th February. I feel so honoured that she wants to wear something I've made on her special day. I can't wait to see all the photos as, unfortunately, she lives too far away for me to be able to get to the wedding.

I've decided that the next craft I would like to add to my repertoire is that of making glass beads. That will have to wait til later in the year, though - I will need to get together a kit, and the courage, before I start!

I'm off now, but I promise to be back soon...