Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A challenge for September!

A variety today! First is a scrapbook layout, next 2 are altered book spreads and the final one is a card with paper sculpture - supposed to be an orchid?

The theme for the first altered book was Black and White, as I really like black and white photography and I very much admire the actress Audrey Hepburn, both as an actress and as a person, I thought this would be the ideal time to combine the two. I went for a very simple page - simply a black background, overlaid with a very pretty handmade paper then layered with a selection of black and white images of the lady herself. I have to admit to being really rather pleased with the results!

The theme of the next book was Vintage Sewing, and this is possibly one of the hardest spreads I've done - I just could not get my head round what I was doing! Then, inspiration struck. I remembered how much I used to love my grandmothers button box, the sound, the colour, the texture - in fact, everything about them. The spread started from there - I've tried to recreate the feeling of a sewing box, with lots of bits and pieces of everything. In the end, it turned out much better than I could have hoped - I particularly loved the little bag which has various odds and ends in it!

The scrapbook layout is of Taormina, a small town on Sicily - hangout of the rich and famous - it truly is a beautiful place - perched right on top of a very tall mountain, and accessed by a very tortuous road - just wide enough for one vehicle - imagine the panic when we came face to face with a very large bus full of tourists on this delightful road!! The architecture in Taormina is almost as beautiful as the fabulous views that assail you at every twist and turn. Prices are horrendous - about 3 times as much as anywhere else on Sicily, but it was lovely to see how the other half lives! In a tucked away park is a fabulous sculpture called Urban Angels - it depicts a couple, with their briefcases, obviously taking a brief rest in their busy day - it really is an amazing sculpture, and I would love at some time to take my family to see it - and the rest of Sicily, of course!

As for the challenge I mentioned in the title? Last night I signed up for an online course with Shimelle Laine, a fabulous designer who really does have a very different way of looking at things - I'm hoping to learn loads from her, and am looking forward to the challenge - a kind of daily art journal. I'll keep you updated with progress, or lack of, throughout the month!

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