Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30

Surprising how easy it is to log-in here when I use the right username! I've been having problems for weeks now, trying to get into my blog to edit it - turns out, I've been using the wrong user name - duh!
I'm feeling really quite pleased with myself today, I actually completed another layout - that's the second this week! Not only that, I worked with what are probably my least favourite colours - orange and brown. I had some lovely pics of my youngest daughter with her face painted - she'd chosen to be a tiger, so the papers and embellishments really had to be orange and brown, didn't they?

I managed to track down a couple of small pieces of orange paper, and some brown, but no cardstock that even came close - so, I made my own! I used a piece of 12x12 plain white cardstock and inked the background in random stripes of orange and brown - I have to admit to some reservations once I'd done it, but, put some photos in place, matted onto brown paper and suddenly it's looking much better...

Next challenge - I don't have embellishments in brown and orange, plus this layout is for a challenge which has to include only things beginning with the letters in the word RAVERS, one of the R's had to be ric-rac. What's a girl to do? No embellishments, no craft shop, no inclination to go shopping? I made my own. On one of my forays into the kids' rooms, I 'rescued' some jigsaw pieces which were lying on the floor, squirrelled them away, knowing that they would come in handy, one day. Well, that day was today! I stuck 2 of the pieces together, inked them with the same colour ink as I used for the background, wrote the date on them, with a gel pen, then triple embossed the pieces - ended up with a lovely, distressed looking embellishment. I also altered a microscope slide with some alcohol inks, and added stickers with my daughter's name. The flowers were made from paper punchies - large orange ones with smaller brown ones in the centre, then a small eyelet punched through the centre of each one. So, how did I do with the challenge?

R - ricrac, A - altered jigsaw pieces (and artistic licence!), V - versacolour ink, E - eyelets, R - ribbon, S - slide, microscope. I'm really happy with the layout, even though I wasn't too sure about working with those colours - just goes to show, doesn't it, that sometimes it really is good to work outside your comfort zone!

The other thing I've done today is to order the remaining supplies for Shimelles class which begins on friday. I'm beginning to get really excited now...

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