Monday, October 16, 2006

Bet you thought I'd given up on blogging!

Well, what a busy few weeks it's been! I've spent the best part of the last 2 weeks with my eldest daughter - she was amitted to a hospital 50 miles away as it was feared that she was in premature labour, as all this began when she was only just 27 weeks, it was a huge worry! Fortunately, the wonderful medical staff have managed to persuade baby that it really is too early for him to make his appearance, so she is back at home now - under very strict instructions to rest - we'll have to see how that works!

Just to complicate things - she and her partner were due to move into their new home on the day that she was discharged from hospital. Her partner decided that he would move all their things the night before she came home - without mentioning it to her, of course. What a lovely thing to do - he started work at 6am, finished at 4pm then started the house move - he worked throughout the night to make sure that everything would be sorted by the time she got home - she was so chuffed - I just wish you could have seen her face...

Other news - we finally finished decorating my youngest daughters bedroom - according to her, she now has a princess room. As we have a spare room since DD1 moved out - I now have a dedicated craft room. I absolutely love it - all of my stash is organised and available (I hadn't realised quite how much of it there was!) and it's a joy to work in there. I even have a pink carpet, and a pink radio-cd player! All it needs now is a coffee machine and I'll never need to come out of there...

A knock-on effect from moving all my craft stuff is that we now have our front room back - so I always know there will be at least one tidy room that I can escape to. Our remaining guinea pig died recently, which means that we no longer have to accomodate his massive cage - the result? Our dining room seems to have about doubled in size - all of a sudden, my house feels three times bigger than it did.

DS1 returned to school on a part-time basis - he has CFS - and has subsequently been attacked by tonsillitis yet again, DS2, never liking to feel left-out, has also come down with tonsillitis - so I have the both of them home for the next week - until they finish their antibiotics - when is half-term????

Because of everything that has been going on, I haven't done an awful lot creative just recently. I have made a few ATC's, and will try to get them photographed for the next installment. I have, however, signed up for Shimelle Laines latest online class - the title of this one is 'You Think You Know Me', and as the title suggests, is a take on the book of me idea. I have a feeling that this could be really quite challenging - not least because I'm going to have to have photographs taken! I'm really not at my happiest in front of the lens, and rarely like photos of myself - it will be interesting to see how that turns out...

Anyway, enough from me for now, hopefully I'll be back soon with some more artwork.

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