Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And there's more...

Another job lot - this time because I got behind with my journal - a case of real life getting in the way again!

The prompt for the first layout on this page was about 'secret codes', things which have meaning for us, but not for other people. Mine - "Oh, what a lovely jumper". This is the line I use when I'm presented with an unattractive baby/child to admire. Not admirable, maybe - but there it is. I try to avoid lying, so as a comment of some sort is expected, I usually try to find something positive to say - often, it will be to do with what the child is wearing, or perhaps their hair etc. I know I'm not the only one who does this sort of thing - so next time someone says of one of your offspring - "What a lovely jumper", you'll know what they really mean!

The next layout is kind of a cheat, as it's really a lesson for my youngest daughter, Maddi. She has a tendency to wind up my youngest son, Loaghan, usually with disastrous consequences for herself! I found the photos when I was looking for something else - they kind of jumped out at me - both sequences are similar, and both have the same end result! This layout just perfectly sums up the relationship between these two - mind you, let anyone else try upsetting either one of them - the other will be there in super-fast time to fight their corner for them...

The picture of Maddi on a horse was taken during her very first riding lesson - it's something she's wanted to do for a very long time, and this summer, one of our neighbours very kindly offered to give her a lesson. On the morning of the lesson, Maddi was up bright and early, and checking the time every five minutes. As we were walking to her lesson, she kept on asking whether she was goint to be ok - she was obviously as nervous as she was excited. Before she started the lesson, she helped to groom the horses - there are two of them, who are totally inseperable - sprayed them with some home-made fly repellent and learned something about the horses. She then tried on several hats until she found the one which fitted the best, donned a visibility vest and was then ready to mount the horse. She loved it! She looked totally comfortable, if rather small, on the back of the horse, sat with a beautifully straight back and off she went. She spent about half an hour being led, and now can't wait to have another lesson.

The next layout is about how sometimes I need time by myself - not necessarily a lot of time, but I do need time by myself, totally by myself, from time to time. One of the ways I get that time is to go for a walk, or to sit on the beach - I have a particular spot where I like to sit - it's a large, flat rock in quite an isolated position - from my perch on this rock, I have fabulous views out over the estuary and over to Llansteffan Castle - a ruined castle on top of a hill - it never fails to get my mind sorted, and re-energises me - ready to face the challenges of life once again.

The final layout is about making sure you ask the right person when you want the answers to a problem! This arose from a mistake on my latest telephone bill - when I originally queried the bill, I was told that although the operative couldn't tell me exactly what was going on, that it would be right and I would have to pay the extra charge! I wasn't actually impressed with that explanation, so requested a call from a line manager. When he called - problem sorted! Not only did I not have to pay the unexplained charge, it should in fact have been a credit - so, the extra charge is being removed and a credit made to my account - how much energy did I expend dealing with someone who just didn't have the answers?

We're really close to the end of the month now, and I've really enjoyed working on this journal, and am very happy with how it's turning out - I've decided though, that as I have some extra page protectors in my album, I'm going to do some extra pages to fill them! I think I will continue the theme of learning from life. I already have one or two ideas in mind...

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