Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wet and Windy in West Wales!

Well, September has certainly come storming in here in West Wales - it's blowing a gale here at the moment - around about 60 mph winds just now - we've had the torrential rain as well - guess summer is just about over!

As promised, here is the title page of the journal that I'm going to be working on throughout September. This is an online class project being taught by designer Shimelle Laine, you can check out her blog at
you'll also find details of the class and how to sign up on here. The idea of the class is to learn from the things around us, and to be disciplined enough to complete a page a day - it's definitely going to be a challenge, but there's a great group of girls (haven't come across any guys yet) who are all taking part from around the world. Amazing to see how different the pages are which are being produced!

Being very new to all this, I decided, for the title page at least, to pretty much stick to the suggestions we're given, but I can see that I may well not be doing that so much by the end of the month!! I have to admit to being really quite happy with the title page and was pleasantly surprised at how little time it takes to acheive these kind of results!

I love nothing better than having hours to devote to a project, but let's face it, with 3 children still at home, various animals and real life getting in the way, that doesn't happen too often, so it's great to know that sometimes, all you need is a few minutes...


Anonymous said...

Your title page is lovely Karen,can wait to see more..xxlisaxx

humbug said...

it looks fantastic karen - great classes too