Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here, as promised, are photos of the ATC's I made yesterday! The first photo is of the 'Girl' ATC's. The first thought that came to my mind when I heard the word, was Anne Frank - don't know why, she just jumped into my head. When I think of Anne Frank, I think of strength in so many different ways - girls don't always have to be pink and fluffy!!! Having said that, I love pink and fluffy, so did a 'girly' card as well, with fluff, boots with killer heels, handbag and hat - well, sometimes you just gotta do it...
My final card is a vintage image of a young girl in her sunday best - for some reason this photo really appealed to me - although it is a very obviously 'posed' photo, there seems to me to be something in her face which tells me that she's not always as co-operative!

The second photo shows the 'Devour' ATC's. The first thing I thought of with this one was the word itself, and it's various meanings and usages. The first card uses an image of tortured faces which to me represented the effects of greed, along with a collection of 6 synonyms for the word devour. Finally it was wrapped with a black 'spiky' fibre. The second card is a fabulous image of a piece of statuary, showing a snake consuming a man! I just loved this picture, and the idea of nature getting it's own back in some small way! this is also the card for which I used acrylics to make the background. The final card was inspired by a quote from Gustav Mahler, the composer. 'I devour more and more books, they are the only friends I can take with me.' This sums up so perfectly the way I feel about books, that I just had to use it.


Glynis said...

Hi Karen,

I must admit, I thought of fluffy and pink when I started on the 'girl' ATCs for the swap, and made one about the colour 'pink' with a lacey background, another with a lady in the bath, with 'nice and soft' across it, and another with shoes, handbags and accessories!

One of the devour cards I did had a few cats around a fish bowl, with the words 'what's for dinner' and a glass fish embellishment. The second had a dog licking and ice cream collaged with a girl doing the same, and the third was a collage of courting couple and hearts.

I do love your ATCs and hope one of them comes my way when the swap is made. lol

mandy said...

I absolutely adore those ATC's they're gorgeous.