Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stuff about CATS!!

These cat ATC's are, you guessed it, for a swap in one of the groups to which I belong!
The theme was... CATS!! Cats just happen to be my absolutely favourite animals. I love them to bits. I love the way they think, the way they make their feelings known, their independence, their affectionate nature, just everything about them, really. I have a Siamese cat, a chocolate point, who is a total sweetie. He is possibly the laziest cat you will ever meet, and definitely the most loving. He has a way of cuddling up to me, putting his front paw around me, as though he's cuddling me, and gazing up into my face - I defy anyone not to melt when subjected to that treatment!!

Anyway, back to the ATC's. I thought that rather than doing the cute and fluffy thing, I would rather focus on some of the other cattributes. The first card you can see is called Kitty Litter. Anyone who is owned by a cat will know just how untidy they can be! It's not uncommon for me to clean my house from top to bottom, then for the cat to throw litter everywhere, to climb into our open fireplace and tread ash over the carpet, to rip up tissues and strew them around - you get the picture! We even had a cat one time, called Jonah Little Bear, Bear for short, who would go out into the garden, get his feet as muddy as he possibly could, then somehow manage to keep all the mud inside his pads until he got upstairs, where he would then deposit all the mud on the freshly made beds!! Yet, I still love cats... What does that say about me??

The second card is Cat Aplomb - to me, that just about sums up cats. Whatever they do, they make it look as though it was intended. You know, when they fall off the chair whilst washing, then sit there as though that was exactly what they meant to do. Cat's never have accidents, never make mistakes, we humans just think they do!!

The third card in the series is Magical Elegance. To me, the Bastet, the cat the ancient Egyptians idolised, is the absolute epitome of elegance and mystery, and all things magical. I think probably that's why I like Siamese cats so much.

The next card is Cattitude. This is something that all cats have in abundance! I think it's self-explanatory...

The final card is called Butterfly. The image of the cat is hand drawn and watercoloured. I then mounted the image onto cardboard and cut it out. I covered my base card in a blue and green floral fabric which to me is reminiscent of a summer garden. The cat was mounted on small foam pads and I added a brightly coloured butterfly. Have you ever watched a cat watching a butterfly? It's a wonderful thing to see. The intense concentration, the wariness, then there is the inward struggle - to chase or not to chase...

I did warn you, I absolutely adore cats and could go on for hours about them and their habits!


Helen in the UK said...

Love that cattitude - well expressed :)

archaeoblog said...

i think your blog is brilliant and your art work is inspirational

keep doing it :)