Saturday, April 22, 2006

Link ATc's

These ATC's are based on the word 'Link'. The first in the series is 'two hearts - forever linked'. I created the background using acrylic paints, then dragged pieces of chain with various size links through some gold acrylic and used these to print onto the background. I then added a heart shape, formed from one of the pieces of chain, with a small red heart-shaped button in the centre. Finally, I coloured a piece of plain white paper with some complementary colours of chalk ink, and added the text.

The second card in the series is 'Harry Houdini'. Thinking of chains for the first card naturally led to the thought of more chains, and in my mind, no-one is more associated with chains than the great Houdini! Again, I used the internet to source an image of the great man which was layered onto a backround which looks like rusty industrial flooring. I added a small piece of rusty chain which is attached using a small orange brad. Finally, I added the text. A very simple card, but overall, a very pleasing result.

The final card in this series is a Moorish knot. I traced the image onto thin metal foil using a ball-ended embossing tool. I cut out the image and layered it onto a gorgeous red fabric background, and added some luscious blue and gold ribbon.

I will be sending these cards off on Monday, and will now be on tenterhooks until they reach their final destination!

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