Thursday, September 14, 2006

More class layouts

Two more layouts. The first shows my daughter climbing a particularly steep slope. The journalling says 'Never, ever, let your children choose where to walk the dog!' As you may have guessed, I made that particular mistake today - the children decided that we should go to Bluebell Wood. What they didn't think to mention was that this was going to involve fighting my way through man-eating triffids, wading up river beds, negotiating slippery stepping stones, limboing under low branches, climbing steep slopes - aided only by a dodgy rope and encouraging calls from the children, then sliding down said slopes on my backside because the slopes were too steep to get down safely any other way! Needless to say, next time I will be choosing where we walk, and I can guarantee that it will be somewhere flat!!

The second layout is a more serious one - as previously mentioned, a friend died yesterday - this gave my lesson for the day - Life isn't fair, and it can be very painful - but you come out the other side a stronger person. Not always easy to remember at the time, but true nonetheless.

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