Saturday, September 02, 2006

My first lesson!

Not my first page, but my first lesson! As I mentioned previously, the idea behind this class is to take time to look, to think about what we're seeing and what we can learn from it.

I really love this picture taken on a local beach. It's of a piece of frayed rope which is along the edge of the pier. A couple of things occurred to me whilst looking at this picture - 1. How attractive the fraying looked, yet really this could be considered a flaw in the rope. 2. That this flaw doesn't stop the rope from fulfilling it's purpose.

Well, that got me to thinking that it's similar with people - we often are drawn to them because of their imperfections! It's very difficult to be comfortable around perfection - well, I find it is - it makes me uncomfortable. I would far rather have a beaten up old camper van than a new shiny one - I'm much less scared to use it - it doesn't matter if it acquires a few more dents and scratches along the way, it all adds to the appeal. Same with people, if people are flawed, same as I am, I'm much more comfortable with them. In fact sometimes it's precisely because of their weaknesses that we love them!

Think too, of the Mona Lisa - she's certainly not perfect, she has uneven features, her nose is possibly a bit big - but she's beautiful and undeniably human.

My husband has a blood line in one of his eyes - to me, that makes him special, it's all part of what makes him - him! My youngest daughter has a birthmark on her leg - again, that's very much a part of her - it makes her special. However, none of these perceived imperfections makes us any less able to fulfill our purpose in life - whatever that may be!

Anyway, that's what I learned today - Sometimes it's our imperfections which make us beautiful!.


Annie said...

Lovely, and waaaayyyy more profound than mine LOL.

Dalla Song said...

WOW what great inspiration - I am doing Shimelle's class too. I will definately be popping back to see how yours developes. thanks for sharing