Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sometimes, it's good to say "NO"!!

Today's layout is a little different in that it has no photo. Wednesday is my day to spend with my mum - we usually try to do something together - forget the housework etc, and do something fun. Obviously that's not been easy over the past few weeks with it being school summer holidays. Well, the children went back to school yesterday, so today was the first wednesday in a couple of months that we had together. Then dd1 phones to ask if she can come over too. The problem is this - I love my mum, and dd1, to bits - but when they are together, they really do my head in! They totally spark off each other, are competitive and snipe at each other the whole time. So, I said 'NO' to dd1.

What happened?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! DD just said - "OK, I'll see you later in the week, then". That was it - no tears, no tantrums, nothing! The result - I had a lovely day with my mum, and will be seeing dd later in the week - everyone's happy. So, what did I learn today? That sometimes, you have to say NO, just grit your teeth, take a deep breath, and say it!

I then got to wondering, how much more peaceful my life might have been had I learned this particular lesson a lot earlier!! I haven't quite finished the layout yet - I haven't quite decided on the wording for this lesson, but will add it when I sort it out.

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