Sunday, September 03, 2006

What would I not change about myself?

All of a sudden, I seem to have lots of things to blog! This post is as a result of a question posed on the UK Scrappers forum to which I subscribe. The question was:
I want you to Blog your Favourite part of youself!
We all know we can fill a day describing what we would change - but what wouldnt you change!?!?!?

Good question, I thought! I can so easily think of lots of things I don't like about myself - but is there anything that I really do like?

Yes, actually, there is one thing in particular that I wouldn't change - that is my sense of humour! It has gotten me out of a lot of hassles, broken the ice on more than one occasion and made me quite a few friends. It has also gotten me into trouble more than once - I tend to forget that not everyone shares my somewhat strange sense of humour, and don't always take things in the way in which they were meant! This can be a particular problem online - thank goodness for emoticons! I'm very fortunate in that my husband and both of my younger children share the same warped sense of humour - makes for very entertaining mealtimes! We always sit around the table as a family for our main meal each day - it's a great chance to catch up on everyones news, to iron out any problems that might have arisen and generally to spend time together. The Victorian principle of children being seen and not heard might be a desirable one, but it doesn't happen in our house! It has been known for dinner guests to be somewhat overwhelmed by the repartee flying around the table.

Thinking about this question has really made me smile and appreciate at least one little bit of me, so, thank you, ScrappyFairy for posing this question.

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