Thursday, September 14, 2006


This is my class layout for the 12th. I live in such a beautiful part of the country, and really wanted to show that in my journal/scrapbook. We have the most fantastic views from every window in our house - seas and forestry out the front windows, and farmland out the back windows. This picture, though, was taken at the butterfly garden. This is a garden owned by a local lady - a wonderful, kind and funny lady, who kindly allows anyone who would like to, to spend time in the garden. She also gave the children in the village school space for a vegetable patch - they have been growing peas, beans, marrows, courgettes, tomatoes etc. Our two youngest have really enjoyed this particular experience, and we've even been able to sample the fruits of their labours!

Yesterday was not a good day - a friend died unexpectedly. She was only 33, and had 2 very young children - I really can't imagine how they must be feeling just now. It's hit her friends really hard - I guess it reminds us all of our mortality. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who knew and loved her.

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humbug said...

hugs - it affected us all in many ways