Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What have I learned today?

I guess I kind of cheated here, as this is not so much something I learned today, as something of which I was reminded.

I came across this photo of dd2 which was taken in April this year on one of our local beaches. I was struck, as I was then, by her intense concentration on this stick. Nothing special about it, just a stick. She spent ages examining every mm of the stick, turning it in her hands, holding it up to the light, measuring it against herself, sniffing it, even - at one stage - licking it. Then the questions started! What kind of tree did it come from - I didn't know. How did it end up on the beach - probably washed there during one of the recent storms we'd had. How long had it been there - again, I didn't know. The questions continued - all this from one small stick. So, what was my lesson for today? Quite simply, how important it is for us not to lose that child-like sense of curiosity and sense of wonderment at the things around us.

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